How to make sure your home stands the test of time

July 1, 2019
By Riyad

In an ever-changing world where something new is invented daily and we are always eager to know more, it’s easy to get caught up in following the latest fads and trends, and nowhere is that more prominent than in interiors. Everyone gets bored of the same four walls and it's normal to want to switch things up occasionally, but changing your look every few months can be expensive and time-consuming if not done right.

At Interiors by Sarah Ward, we pride ourselves on creating elegant timeless interiors. But how do we create designs that don’t end up looking dated and clichéd a year down the line? By incorporating the right elements into an interior, you should still be able to make small updates through the years without having to start from scratch. 

Here are our tips to give your home a timeless look and feel.

  1. Choose classic furniture and invest in quality

Let’s start with arguably one the most important and costly aspects of any space, the furniture. These are the items that will be sticking around so it’s important to put in a lot of thought into timeless pieces that will age well and remain current in their look.  This sofa was a bespoke piece made to ensure comfort and style.

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2. Most trends are much what the word would suggest, just a trend!

There’s nothing wrong with following trends and everyone has their favourites that they fall in love. Try not to take on a dramatic trend in your home just to fit in with the crowd. Be discerning with the pieces you buy and take on a trend by incorporating it into your interior in small doses rather than going all in straight away. Here we used striped velvet, very on trend at the time, yet timeless in the way we have used it.

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3. Neutrals are your friend

It may seem obvious or even overdone but there’s a reason many interior designers favour a neutral base. This can set the tone throughout your home and provides you with a solid base to build upon. Neutral tones and colours are versatile and work in any interiors and of course it goes without saying, they really are timeless. Sticking with a calming base pallet leaves you more room to get creative with your soft furnishings and accessories. 

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4. Think practical and well as stylish

One of the biggest mistakes to make when designing a space is to forget its purpose. Consider what the space is used for? Who is going to be using it? How often will it be used? Will it work for everyone? It’s crucial to establish a room’s function so you can create the best layout for you, something our designers here take very seriously. Here we worked on a large family space for a cinema room and bar, with a soundproof partition, allowing the rooms to be separated.

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5. Colour refresh

Tried and tested, this is a no brainer! We’ve already established that neutrals are best for your backdrop, but we don’t want to see bland and boring. Colour trends change just as quickly as other trends and there’s always a new colour of the year. When it comes to your soft furnishings and accessories, this is great news! You can change these around to allow you to have a different look every season without It having to cost too much. Take these blue lampshades and cushions, they add a depth of colour that can easily be changed to give the room a completely different feel.

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6. Keep it tactile

Most people know that colour and pattern are great at bringing a space to life, but many often forget about texture. Layering different textures over one another creates an interesting and diverse space. It’s good to remember both the hard and soft textures. Is your coffee table going to be made out of wood, glass, metal, marble or a mixture? Different textures have different connotations and can make a huge difference in the overall feel of a space. A tactile and inviting space will always create a timeless look.

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7. Make it personal!

Above all else, it’s important to remember that this is your home, your space and it should reflect you as a person. Even after applying the tips listed above, one of the most important factors when it comes to designing a space that is truly timeless is to make it your own, something we always work closely with our clients on. Often our projects start with a work of art or a piece of furniture. Try decorating your space with objects that carry sentimental value to you. That vase you picked up on your travels, your favourite read or a piece of eye-catching artwork that your friend just knew you’d love.

The key for us at, Interiors by Sarah Ward, is to understand your lifestyle and expectations, before embarking on any project.

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