June Discovery

July 1, 2019
By Riyad

Exhibition – Mary Quant at the V&A and Fashion and Textile Museum

Sarah Ward Interior Design London

If you love fashion, then you’ll definitely have heard of versatile and iconic fashion Designer Mary Quant. This year and leading into 2020, The V&A museum pays tribute to how she revolutionised women's fashion on the high street and gives an amazing insight into fashion through the sixties. Not to be missed by anyone who loves a good outfit and a lot of colour!


Blog – Justanartfanatic.com

Sarah Ward Interior Design Fulham

We all have different artistic tastes but rarely look deeply into the life behind a piece. One young lady who adores the world of art and loves delving into the history of the artists themselves to discover what made them tick has put her thoughts into words in a fantastic art blog, ‘justanartfanatic’. If you're fascinated by the world of art, or just fancy a good read, this is one blog not to miss.


Wonderglass / Nendo Collaboration

Sarah Ward Interior Design Kensington

Discovered whilst looking for project inspiration, Nendo’s new collaboration with Wonderglass is a great demonstration of ‘less is more’. By laying hot glass sheets over steel and letting them naturally drape to shape themselves into their own form, this new collection creates a stunningly different look to furniture. Pushing the boundaries on furniture possibilities, this collection is beautifully modern and would be truly eye-catching in any design.

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