Ranchu Bowls

DimensionsW14.5 x D5.5 x H3 cm (size 1)
DimensionsW14.5 x D5.5 x H3 cm (Size 2)
DimensionsW17 x D7.5 x H3 cm (Size 3)
DimensionsW20.5 x D6.5 x H3 cm (Size 4)
DimensionsW25 x D6.5 x H3 cm (Size 5)
DimensionsW25.5 x D6.5 x H3 cm (Size 6)
DimensionsW32 x D8 x H3 cm (Size 7)
MaterialsBronze / Gold leaf
FinishesDark bronze with gold leaf
Price£70.83 excl. VAT (Size 1)
Price£70.83 excl. VAT (Size 2)
Price£100.00 excl. VAT (Size 3)
Price£100.00 excl. VAT (Size 4)
Price£129.17 excl. VAT (Size 5)
Price£141.67 excl. VAT (Size 6)
Price£179.17 excl. VAT (Size 7)

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