Unveiling the Allure of Unusual Side Tables and Luxury Console Tables at Ward & Co Interiors

December 13, 2023
By RosieWard

Welcome to a world where elegance and uniqueness are the cornerstones of design. At Ward & Co Interiors, we take pride in curating a collection that epitomises luxury and innovation. This blog post is dedicated to showcasing two of our most distinguished categories: the unusual side tables and the luxury console tables. Each piece in these collections is not just a piece of furniture, but a work of art that can transform any space into a statement of personal style and sophistication. Let's delve into the world of these exquisite tables and discover how they can elevate your home's aesthetic.

Unusual Side Tables: A Statement of Creative Ingenuity

In interior design, side tables are often overshadowed by larger furniture pieces. However, at Ward & Co, we view these as pivotal elements that can dramatically enhance the ambiance of a room. Our collection of unusual side tables is a testament to this belief, offering a range of designs that are as functional as they are artistic.

From the organic and nature-inspired to the boldly modern, each unusual side table in our selection tells its own story. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and using only the finest materials, these tables are not just accessories but focal points in any interior design scheme. Whether placed beside a plush sofa or acting as a standalone piece, our unusual side tables are sure to captivate and inspire.

Here is a selection of our unusual side tables, each one showcasing unique materials, finishes, and designs that exemplify our commitment to creativity and excellence:

Altai Unusual Side Table: A Sculptural Statement

  • Materials: Bronze and Marble
  • Finishes: Brown Gold Bronze top with black marble base
  • Dimensions & Prices:
    • Tall: W35 x D35 x H64.5 cm (£1,641.67 excl. VAT)
    • Low: W30 x D30 x H44.5 cm (£1,454.17 excl. VAT)

Elevate any corner of your room with the Altai Unusual Side Table, a true testament to modern sculpture. Perfect for those seeking a blend of contemporary design and classic materials.

Dali Unusual Side Table: Timeless Elegance

  • Materials & Finishes: Bronze in Dark Verdigris
  • Dimensions: W38 x D40 x H49 cm
  • Price: £1,550.00 excl. VAT

The Dali Unusual Side Table is where simplicity meets luxury. Its verdigris bronze finish and sleek design make it an ideal choice for sophisticated interiors.

Earth Unusual Side Table: Nature's Touch

  • Materials: Bronze and Petrified Wood
  • Finishes: Antique gold leg with petrified wood top
  • Dimensions: W37 x D37 x H46 cm
  • Price: £1,275.00 excl. VAT

Capturing the essence of nature, the Earth Unusual Side Table brings an organic and unique feel to your home, perfect for adding a touch of the outdoors.

Pansy Unusual Side Table: Delicate and Durable

  • Materials & Finishes: Bronze in Antique Bronze
  • Dimensions: D38 x H43 cm
  • Price: £712.50 excl. VAT

The Pansy Unusual Side Table is a fusion of delicacy and strength, offering a charming addition to any space.

Hugo Unusual Side Table: Sophisticated Texture

  • Materials: Shagreen and Bronze
  • Finishes: Verdigris shagreen top with antique bronze base
  • Dimensions: W45 x D33 x H45 cm
  • Price: £2,433.33 excl. VAT

With its unique texture and refined appearance, the Hugo Unusual Side Table is a standout piece, perfect for luxurious interiors.

Explore our full range of unusual side tables here.

Luxury Console Tables: The Epitome of Sophistication

The console table, often found in entryways or lining the back of sofas, is a versatile piece that combines practicality with aesthetic appeal. Our luxury console table collection at Ward & Co takes this concept to new heights. These tables are more than mere surfaces; they are expressions of style, grandeur, and timeless elegance.

Crafted from premium materials and boasting exceptional finishes, each console table in our selection exudes a sense of luxury that can elevate any space. From sleek minimalist designs to ornate, sculptural pieces, our luxury console tables cater to a variety of tastes and interior styles. Whether you're looking to make a bold statement or add a touch of understated elegance, our luxury console tables are designed to leave a lasting impression.

Here is a curated showcase of our luxury console tables, each piece embodying a fusion of exceptional materials, exquisite finishes, and sophisticated design:

Khetan Luxury Console Table: Regal and Radiant

  • Materials & Finishes: Bronze in Antique Bronze with Gold Interior
  • Dimensions: W130 x D33.5 x H81 cm
  • Price: £5,495.83 excl. VAT

The Khetan Luxury Console Table, with its grandeur and opulence, is an ideal centrepiece for any elegant setting.

Niagara Luxury Console Table: Fluid Beauty

  • Materials: Glass and Bronze
  • Finishes: Grey glass top with polished gold bronze base
  • Dimensions & Prices:
    • Small: W24 x L107 x H67 cm (£3,950.00 excl. VAT)
    • Large: W29 x L126.5 x H78 cm (£4,604.17 excl. VAT)

Inspired by the majestic waterfalls, the Niagara Luxury Console Table is a blend of fluidity and strength, perfect for modern homes.

Chime Luxury Console Table: East Meets West

  • Materials: Lacquer and Bronze
  • Finishes: Natural red lacquer top with dark bronze legs
  • Dimensions: W130 x D32.8 x H81 cm
  • Price: £3,229.17 excl. VAT

The Chime Luxury Console Table is a harmony of Eastern aesthetics and Western design principles, ideal for those who appreciate cultural fusion.

Katana Luxury Console Table: Sleek and Striking

  • Materials: Parchment and Bronze
  • Finishes: Ivory parchment top with antique gold bronze
  • Dimensions: W150 x D37 x H81 cm
  • Price: £3,158.33 excl. VAT

Drawing inspiration from the elegance of the katana sword, this luxury console table is a perfect addition for minimalist yet luxurious spaces.

Ivory Luxury Console Table: Understated Elegance

  • Materials: Gesso and Bronze
  • Finishes: Ivory gesso top with antique bronze base
  • Dimensions & Prices:
    • Medium: W90 x D22 x H81 cm (£2,125.00 excl. VAT)
    • Large: W130 x D30 x H81 cm (£2,883.33 excl. VAT)

The Ivory Luxury Console Table, in its simplicity and grace, adds a serene and classy touch to any room.

Discover our luxury console table collection here.


Ward & Co's unusual side tables and luxury console tables are more than mere furniture; they are a celebration of artistic craftsmanship and elegant design. Each piece in our collection is meticulously crafted to not only enhance the beauty of your space but also to reflect your unique taste and style. We invite you to explore our full range and find the perfect table that resonates with your personal aesthetic and complements your home's decor.

Transform your space into an abode of sophistication and style with Ward & Co Interiors.

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