Top 3 Interior Trends for Spring 2019

Top 3 Interior Trends for Spring 2019

March 13, 2019
By Riyad
Top 3 Interior Trends for Spring 2019

Spring is fast approaching and as the weather starts to get warmer and natural surroundings start to brighten up a little, your interior will inevitably be in need of a little refresh too. We have been looking at the top 3 interior trends that are set to take over this spring, with a particular focus on furniture choice, use of specific colour palettes and selecting the right materials for your space.

Top 3 Interior Trends for Spring 2019

1) Versatile furniture

Last year’s furniture trend was all about straight lines and simplicity. This spring, however, we expect to see contemporary multi-functionality popping up in homes.

Not only can the right piece of versatile furniture save on space, but it can also help to achieve greater convenience, particularly in homes with an awkward layout or limited storage space. Whether it be a set of nesting tables, a modern sofa bed, or a cleverly integrated entertainment unit, intelligently designed, multi-purpose furniture can transform any interior.

In our Project Kaliopi, we made use of a mirrored television, nestled inside of a cleverly integrated entertainment unit. The mirrored television worked as a decorative feature, giving the illusion of space and light, whilst the back-lit surrounding storage added extra convenience.

Top 3 Interior Trends for Spring 2019

2) Feminine tones

When it comes to colours this spring, warm hues and feminine tones are predicted to be hugely popular. With Pantone’s 'Colour of the Year’ being announced as Living Coral, peaches and dusty shades of pink will break up beige and taupe interiors nicely.

We used pastel shades of pink and blush in our Hope House project to create a warm, homely feel. By using feminine shades as accents around the room, this simple, modern interior was given warmth and light.

You’d be mistaken if you think that feminine shades should be restricted to the bedroom, however. Pale pink feature walls make an excellent addition to more relaxed living spaces. If you’re not feeling brave enough to splash pink on your walls, there are also muted dusty rose shades that make excellent accents and tie in seamlessly with neutral palettes.

Top 3 Interior Trends for Spring 2019

3) Natural elements

When it comes to choosing the right materials for your interior, this spring, natural, organic textiles, wood and stone are set to be largely prevalent in homes. Incorporating natural elements into your interior will not only give a rustic, cosy feel, but is also an eco-friendly alternative to traditional materials.

Sun-bleached woods will create a calming, well-balanced feel, whereas darker pine and oak furniture will create more of a cosy, homely feel. Grey stone furniture and décor will also give interiors more of a rustic, ‘artisan’ feel. When it comes to textiles, wool, sheepskin and organic woven materials will add depth and texture to your space.

We made careful use of natural leathers and unprocessed woods in our Suffolk project - Project Mabel. Teamed with warm hues and gold accents, these natural elements gave the interior a sense of both comfort and luxury.

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