Make Yourself At Home with Sarah Ward

April 21, 2020
By Riyad


Don’t let the boundaries begin to blur and temptation allow you to set up your office in bed. Do assign an area designated for working. Be territorial if you must! Even if you have a small space and do not have the luxury of separate floors, this can still be achieved with some clever storage, spatial planning and revised layouts. I love creating zones to establish division between work and play. I find there are certain areas in my home where I cannot focus, and others where I can. Natural light is a big thing for me and I’m not comfortable with a desk facing a wall as I tend to feel claustrophobic. I know my focus is enhanced when I limit the background noise to a bare minimum. Work out what makes you comfortable and calm and arrange your space to work for you.


Generally, there should be a perfect balance of calm and loud within design. Warm undertones, with lots of light and uncluttered symmetry instantly help to make a space feel balanced, interwoven with unique details, ornate patterns and sculptural aesthetics. It can mean bringing order to a living room or kitchen that may feel a little chaotic, while still keeping the space looking interesting. I love to travel [when the universe allows!] and always brin finds and objects home with me. Travelling creates important memories and inspiration, and integrating these memories add interesting layers to any interior. This also creates a sense of being surrounded by one’s favourite things and so brings security, fond memories and joy.


Do set yourself up properly so you can relax into a proper routine; you need to have your calm and relaxation spaces to make sure work doesn’t take over your life. Away from your place of work, the possibilities for self-expression extend well beyond a small pot plant on your desk. With no colleagues to consider, you have the ability to relax and get comfy. Relish the freedom to open windows and allow fresh air in or crank up the heating; wear comfy, loose clothing and cosy cashmere socks; listen, or sing to your heart’s content, to your favourite 80s band or, like me, work in silence.


As much as you possibly can. If you are able to, try and position your desk next to a window for some much-required vitamin D. Light really is one of the most important aspects; it stimulates the mind and can completely transform the look and feel of a space.


Schedule time in your day to get outside and connect intentionally to your mind, body and spirit: mindfulness, yoga, a workout or just a simple move-about. This breaks up the day and fresh air is so good for the soul – try and add this structure and routine to your day. If you are limited with outdoor space, do make a conscious effort to move away from your desk from time to time; it’ll help you to manage your energy which is important to keep the mind fresh and productive. Get up and take a walk, take the stairs, or take a lunch break away from screens. When outside temperatures become more favourable and it becomes more conducive to spending time outside, I’m going to move my workspace al fresco - I love to watch the flora and fauna go by.


Away from the office, unshackled from the tyranny of the same supermarket sandwich, enjoy the endless culinary possibilities being at home affords. Pick up those dusty cookbooks and plan healthy lunches to pick you up for an afternoon at your desk. I'm currently working my way through A Love of Eating: Recipes from Tart London; colourful, fresh and wholesome meals.

I tend to compare the design process to preparing a sumptuous meal. Each scheme is personal and unique to meet the client’s brief - combining different colours, layers and textures - so it’s just a question of gathering the specific ingredients for that particular palate, or palette, and away we go…

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