Fireplaces as focal points

Fireplaces as focal points

January 3, 2018
By Riyad
Fireplaces as focal points

Fireplaces have created natural focal points for rooms for hundreds of years and today, even in the most modern house, a fireplace or freestanding woodburning stone imparts a welcoming atmosphere.

We've been focusing on fireplaces in the past week over on our Instagram and here are our thoughts.

Relaxed evenings with family are made better around a beautiful fireplace scheme. Classic room designs like this one from Interiors By Sarah Ward will stay timeless and work with every decor created.
The metallic elements of this fireplace work perfectly with the modern decor and silver accessories. All coming together to create this effortless set up. (Room designed by Interiors by Sarah Ward.)
A spectacular fireplace decorated for the Christmas season. We love the way the outdoors has been brought inside, in the shape of large branches. The look is softened by white blooms with drama added by the red.
 Another festive fireplace with quite a different mood - more modern with some unexpected touches, like the Indian lanterns on the hearth. Think about the wood you burn in a real fire - applewood smells wonderful.

How furniture is placed around a fireplace is important. A hearth with a blazing fire will form a natural gathering place and for relaxed conversation, group a low table and comfortable chairs nearby.  This photograph is taken in a country pub and the furniture has been cleverly arranged to make everyone feel at home and welcomed.

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