Caulino have the most gorgeous studio and workshop space in central Lisbon, founded by Catia Pessoa. Their online shop features an array of distinctive pieces in vibrant colours, hand-crafted by both the in-house design team and by young local artisans. There really is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a cute breakfast bowl or a ceramic sea slug.


The works of this young Brooklyn-based potter somehow manage to be both contemporary and still have the feeling of coming from some other, far-gone time. Natalie’s pieces are sturdy yet elegant; simple yet intricate. In addition to the more traditional kitchenware, she also crafts the most incredible statement lamps – all available from her online shop.


If you’re looking for a statement piece to add to a design project – look no further. After starting out as an illustrator, John Booth looked to transfer his abstract designs to new materials. These colourful handmade vases are playful and vibrant, and while they are impressive stand-alone sculptures, they really take on new life when bursting with fresh flowers.


Scottish ceramicist Jennifer Lee began studying at Edinburgh College of Art in 1975 and has since gone on to receive global acclaim. Her textured pieces are crafted with an appreciation for ancient techniques, and an almost mathematical approach to achieving a meticulous, unpredictable asymmetry. Lee uses neither glazes nor a wheel, just age-old craft processes and basic elemental materials: clay, water & oxides.


Hailed a ‘pioneer of clay’, Henderson’s work still provides a masterclass in freehand sculpting and experimentation through form. Ewen’s work lives on in a number of exhibitions worldwide and continues to inspire and spark conversation on the limits of structure and the sensory nature of ceramics. Critic David Whiting’s beautiful obituary to the sculptor can be found here on the Oxford Ceramics Gallery website.


Ridgway’s intricate process sees each piece burnished before drying, bisque fired, sometimes fractured and re-formed, and finally saggar fired to achieve a satin finish; a technique that originated in the Ottoman Empire. The resulting ceramics are emblazoned with unique, intricate patterning and dusky fiery colouring.


Studio Pottery is simultaneously a working studio as well as a shop and gallery. They hold ceramics workshops as well as workspaces for members, and their online shop features a number of London-based artist potters with a diverse catalogue of works. Co-Founder, Lucy Attwood, recently joined our panel on The Connected Series. Watch the recording HERE.

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Beautiful finds, names you might not know and some of our favourite small, independent brands. Everyone needs a helping hand at this time. Keep them on your radar – they’re really special.


Gardeco is such a great place to find unique pieces from lesser-known designers around the world. I really love this collection of ceramics by Brazilian artist Regina Medeiros - the shapes and details are really beautiful.


These guys design truly outstanding lighting fixtures. We recently used this Reflect light for our Academy Gardens project and not only did it look stunning, but the team were truly lovely to work with.


I love the versatility of this crochet lamp. Their style is consistently elegant and sustainable - I'm looking forward to using this piece in our upcoming Antigua project. Watch this space!


Silk-ka are a Dutch company who hand-craft the most beautiful silk flower arrangements. I came across them at the Maison&Objet expo and fell in love with the vibrant colours and the creativity of their displays. 


This design-led company makes the most exquisite and unique fabrics and wallpapers. Their creativity and mix of colours make for some really stunning pieces - definitely one to bookmark for when you're looking to make a statement. 


The range of different luxury fabrics available from A&B is huge and yet they all compliment each other so well. Their showroom is also well worth a visit - the displays make it delightfully easy to explore the colourways you are going for.


This brand designs the most beautiful bespoke printed wallpaper. Inspired by traditional Chinoiserie, each panel really gives the effect of being hand-painted. We worked with D'Arts on our recent Academy Gardens Project and were so thrilled with the results.


From their studio in Wiltshire, Tom Faulkner's team hand-make some of the most eye-catching bespoke furniture. Often simple forms are used to create the most beautiful pieces. This stool is from their new California-inspired 'Papillon' collection - definitely worth checking out. 


The level of innovation and craftsmanship that goes into these pieces is really extraordinary. They use steam-bending to create incredible shapes (like this Amble Hanging Seat) and more importantly do all of this while keeping sustainability at the very heart of their work. Bravo.


These hand-crafted carpets and rugs really are works of art. I spotted this hand-knotted wool and silk rug from the 'Slivers' collection at an exhibition recently and can't wait to find a home for it in a future project.

If you’d like to talk to Sarah and Rosie about an interior design project, don’t hesitate to get in touch, by email: 

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A few promises I made, skills to learn, things to watch, books to read... now is the time and no more excuses.

  • Vera G. & O. Buratti Armchair

I love the solid canaletta walnut – this chair will work in most nooks and is a perfect spot to nestle into a good book for the afternoon. Put a beautifully scented candle on and feel enveloped in goodness.

  • How to Fail by Elizabeth Day

I’m about to dive into How to Fail. I’ve listened to her incredible podcast where she shares lessons from the challenges in her own life and those of famous interviewees. It’s a necessary staging post on a journey towards greater success. I’ll let you know my thoughts…

  • Byredo Rose Rinse Free Hand Sanitiser

Very much like how my mother and I operate, the Byredo founder draws inspiration from his exotic travels to create the label’s cult perfumes. Formulated using a select number of raw ingredients, each fragrance tells a story. This rose hand wash gently washes and cleanses the hands while divinely scenting them – Clears away bacteria and rinse free, so you’ll not need to touch tap!

  • Raey Oversized Knitted Cashmere Hooded Sweatshirt

This heavenly knit will keep my spirits up whilst I work from home. I love the minimalist aesthetic, shaped to an oversized silhouette. It’s crafted from purl-knitted cashmere, then finished with dropped shoulders and rolled edges. I’m planning on dressing it up with leather trousers…soon!

  • A Love of Eating: Tart London

Lucy Carr-Ellison and Jemima Jones are the inimitable pair behind Tart London. I’m working my way through this and I can honestly say, everyone’s a winner! It’s absolutely fuss-free and I’m on the 11th recipe, a different one each time. Colourful, fresh and wholesome meals to share and enjoy, always with a fun and fuss-free attitude. The Summer butter bean stew with almond sourdough breadcrumbs and feta is glorious.

  • We Are Tea: Protect

Two of my friends founded this ethically sourced brand on a holiday in Budapest. The Echinacea tea is my favourite - it’s extremely cleansing and the best pick me up if you’re feeling groggy. This brand takes a refreshingly no-nonsense, need-state-led approach to health and wellbeing.

  • Glass Gardens by Green Factory

Green Factory offers innovative plants to bring beautiful nature into your home. Their wonderful glass gardens require very little maintenance. No green thumb? No problem! Each plant object is handmade, an ecosystem capable of blossoming almost independently, with only a few waterings per year. Each creation is unique. 

  • Shona Vertue: The Vertue Method

Exercise offers so many important benefits that it should always be part of your weekly routine. Exercise helps me to stay slim and fit, but whilst working from home daily physical activity definitely reduces stress and really does help me sleep better – these two things are especially beneficial for my creativity and productivity.

  • Linen Bedding by Piglet

When considering factors that contribute to a relaxing sleep, linen is highly overlooked. Come to think of it; you are going to spend a third of your lifetime in bed so investing in quality bed linen would be an easy and quick way of improving the quality of your life!

  • Sarah Chapman Mist Steamer

This is meant to be fantastic. It's on my list as everyone says it’s brilliant. It’s all about bringing the outside in so will start home skincare regime.

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One of the most effective ways of transforming a space is through the use of art. Not only can art instantly bring a space to life, but the right piece can dictate the entire mood of a room and tie a scheme together. When it comes to choosing the right piece (or pieces) of artwork for your home, however, it’s important to get it right. We have looked at some of the different ways that you can use art to transform your home.

How you can instantly transform your home with art

Gallery walls

Gallery walls have been, and continue to be, a popular choice for many homeowners. Transforming any blank space into an exhibition of art, gallery walls can add character and charm to any room. Moreover, displaying a collection of impressive pieces of art can reflect a homeowner’s taste and lifestyle.

Keep all of the artwork in your gallery a similar style and palette, to ensure that nothing looks out of place. Whether you opt for a perfectly symmetrical layout, or a more irregular format, gallery walls look fantastic when framed by darker or duller tones. Picking out key shades within the artwork and using these as accents around a room can also help to make artwork ‘pop’.

How you can instantly transform your home with art

Large statement art pieces

One sure-fire way of stopping your guests in their tracks is with an eye-catching statement piece. Large, striking pieces of art can transform a bland, lifeless room into a work of art in itself. Statement pieces work best in larger living areas or spacious foyers, for that all-important ‘wow-factor’. One way to ensure you find the perfect statement piece for your home is to find the piece first and then build your colour scheme and the theme of your room around the artwork, rather than putting a large piece of artwork into an already decorated room, to avoid any clashing colours or textures.

How you can instantly transform your home with art

Colourful, abstract prints

For dark or dull interiors, colourful and abstract prints are an excellent way of bringing your room to life, as well as providing a little artistic style. Abstract art also works as a great conversation starter and can even provoke an emotional response amongst guests.

The best thing about abstract art is that it easily ties in with any scheme. Whether it be a muted ‘hygge’ theme, that simply requires a splash of colour, or an opulent midnight blue room that requires something a little moodier. There is a world of abstract art out there at anybody’s fingertips.

How you can instantly transform your home with art


There is an ongoing misconception that only the brave and experienced art lovers should showcase sculptures in their homes. In fact, sculptures are an excellent way of adding a little class and intrigue into any interior, and they don’t need to be gigantic, expensive works of art to make an impact. Statement accessories, like lamps, mirrors or frames can work in the place of sculptures, bringing a little charm into your home. Alternatively, if you don’t feel brave enough to have an uncommonly oversized sculpture in the centre of your room, smaller, table-top pieces, or wall-sculptures can be an excellent alternative.

How you can instantly transform your home with art


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