Beautiful finds, names you might not know and some of our favourite small, independent brands. Everyone needs a helping hand at this time. Keep them on your radar – they’re really special.


Gardeco is such a great place to find unique pieces from lesser-known designers around the world. I really love this collection of ceramics by Brazilian artist Regina Medeiros - the shapes and details are really beautiful.


These guys design truly outstanding lighting fixtures. We recently used this Reflect light for our Academy Gardens project and not only did it look stunning, but the team were truly lovely to work with.


I love the versatility of this crochet lamp. Their style is consistently elegant and sustainable - I'm looking forward to using this piece in our upcoming Antigua project. Watch this space!


Silk-ka are a Dutch company who hand-craft the most beautiful silk flower arrangements. I came across them at the Maison&Objet expo and fell in love with the vibrant colours and the creativity of their displays. 


This design-led company makes the most exquisite and unique fabrics and wallpapers. Their creativity and mix of colours make for some really stunning pieces - definitely one to bookmark for when you're looking to make a statement. 


The range of different luxury fabrics available from A&B is huge and yet they all compliment each other so well. Their showroom is also well worth a visit - the displays make it delightfully easy to explore the colourways you are going for.


This brand designs the most beautiful bespoke printed wallpaper. Inspired by traditional Chinoiserie, each panel really gives the effect of being hand-painted. We worked with D'Arts on our recent Academy Gardens Project and were so thrilled with the results.


From their studio in Wiltshire, Tom Faulkner's team hand-make some of the most eye-catching bespoke furniture. Often simple forms are used to create the most beautiful pieces. This stool is from their new California-inspired 'Papillon' collection - definitely worth checking out. 


The level of innovation and craftsmanship that goes into these pieces is really extraordinary. They use steam-bending to create incredible shapes (like this Amble Hanging Seat) and more importantly do all of this while keeping sustainability at the very heart of their work. Bravo.


These hand-crafted carpets and rugs really are works of art. I spotted this hand-knotted wool and silk rug from the 'Slivers' collection at an exhibition recently and can't wait to find a home for it in a future project.

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Ask a woman what her dream room in her perfect home would be and chances are it won’t be a kitchen.

It’s more likely to be a large walk-in wardrobe (with a designer clothing budget to match).

Large walk-in dressing areas are a facet of interiors which I am being asked to create more and more frequently. My clients are very specific about what they are looking for.

With a walk-in closet (as our State-side friends call a walk-in wardrobe) you can arrange your clothes in order of season, colour and event. They’ll be stored in the best conditions and you can see what you have at a glance. (Or several glances if you have a particularly large collection of clothes).

It’s all about planning an outfit and being able browse through the clothes you have (and decide on what is missing).

I like to include a comfortable squashy seating area in a dressing room. Somewhere for the girlfriends to sit (or the husband, boyfriend or partner) while outfits and shoes are paraded.

In fact, let’s start with shoes. In my dressing areas I use racks to hold a growing shoe collection. Forget boxes to hold shoes. No, what women really want is to have their shoes right out there in front. Almost as though they are works of art (which in fact Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks are). That’s exactly how I treat shoe storage, as you can see here.

Next up are open hanging wardrobes which can showcase frocks, blouses, skirts, trousers. So the wearer can see at a glance what’s there and dress accordingly. What works with what. Play around with colours, textures and seasonality.

Vertical storage space is also a must for sweaters, tops and underwear

Some storage experts say that you should rank different types of clothes separately – skirts, dresses, shirts. Others say you should storage separates by outfit.

Personally I like having my skirts in serried ranks, then trousers, blouses, frocks …

Clients will need shelves and cabinets for accessories – hats for Ascot and weddings, silk scarves, the handbag collection … scarves …

On the subject of accessories, there’s nothing like trying on jewellery with an outfit – so perhaps a safe near the dressing area?

Mirrors and lighting are crucial 

Another crucial element in the perfect dressing room is a floor length mirror – in fact a three way mirror so you can look at an outfit from different angles.

When I’m designing an interior, I always discuss the client’s lifestyle with them if I’m creating a dressing room. If I know how they spend their leisure time it gives me great insight into the space they’re going to need for their wardrobe.

Finally, I spend a lot of time thinking about lighting. Lights inside cabinets that illuminate the contents within when the door is opened. Other more decorative lights to turn a shoe collection into something resembling an art installation.

Whilst I think a dressing room should be practical and offer the most effective and roomy storage it also needs to be beautiful and a private space in which to relax, reflect and prepare for the day ahead and those special social events that are so fun to attend.

We've been featured on Smart New Homes

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We're been featured in Smart New Homes

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Fireplaces have created natural focal points for rooms for hundreds of years and today, even in the most modern house, a fireplace or freestanding woodburning stone imparts a welcoming atmosphere.

We've been focusing on fireplaces in the past week over on our Instagram and here are our thoughts.

Relaxed evenings with family are made better around a beautiful fireplace scheme. Classic room designs like this one from Interiors By Sarah Ward will stay timeless and work with every decor created.
The metallic elements of this fireplace work perfectly with the modern decor and silver accessories. All coming together to create this effortless set up. (Room designed by Interiors by Sarah Ward.)
A spectacular fireplace decorated for the Christmas season. We love the way the outdoors has been brought inside, in the shape of large branches. The look is softened by white blooms with drama added by the red.
 Another festive fireplace with quite a different mood - more modern with some unexpected touches, like the Indian lanterns on the hearth. Think about the wood you burn in a real fire - applewood smells wonderful.

How furniture is placed around a fireplace is important. A hearth with a blazing fire will form a natural gathering place and for relaxed conversation, group a low table and comfortable chairs nearby.  This photograph is taken in a country pub and the furniture has been cleverly arranged to make everyone feel at home and welcomed.

We're big on Instagram and it's a fantastic place to find new ideas and inspiration.

This week we've been looking at stylish ideas for Christmas decoration on our Instagram page - here's what we've found.


Always think about your Christmas colour scheme. In these images we've chosen a neutral palette of grey and silver - which is easy to put together. Sometimes life is less complicated when you have fewer choices.

In any case, these colours work beautifully together. For your Christmas wreath, consider mixing in eucalyptus leaves as shown above. Add battery operated Christmas lights for some extra sparkle. Berries don't have to be red - white berries can be very stylish.

Some of our favourite things about Christmas decorating are the timeless classic pieces that are staple to your festive home. It certainly wouldn't feel like Christmas without a gorgeous, natural wreath to hang on the door. There are so many great options to choose from too!



This balustrade decor idea is the perfect finishing touch to make a festive home extra special! The natural element of the greenery combined with lights is a timeless and will certainly impress guests!

It's really easy to get this look. Buy stockings in one colour and then decorate with greenery and battery operated lights (in white of course).



When decorating for Christmas, whether your home or a dinner table it's always good to follow a certain theme or style.

Scandi style as shown here is very classy and timeless. Keep candles white, linen in neutrals and embellish with splashes of silver metallics. Love the long piece of greenery trailing down the centre of the table here and the napkins tied with a pine cone.



One thing is for sure, at Christmas you can never have too many candles! They can change the whole feel of a room and are perfect for dinners and cosy nights in. We especially love festive-scented options!



This look is all about layering. Layer comfy cushions with sheepskin rugs (remember that neutral colour palette.

Decorations shouldn't be confined to the tree! These Christmas decorations by @neptunehomeofficial completely transform this dining scheme - giving it that winter wonderland magic!



Christmas may be about bringing together friends, family and loved ones.. but it's also about amazing food!

Think about shareable starters - like this warming bread round with camembert. Gather round, chat and enjoy!

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