Welcome to a world where elegance and uniqueness are the cornerstones of design. At Ward & Co Interiors, we take pride in curating a collection that epitomises luxury and innovation. This blog post is dedicated to showcasing two of our most distinguished categories: the unusual side tables and the luxury console tables. Each piece in these collections is not just a piece of furniture, but a work of art that can transform any space into a statement of personal style and sophistication. Let's delve into the world of these exquisite tables and discover how they can elevate your home's aesthetic.

Unusual Side Tables: A Statement of Creative Ingenuity

In interior design, side tables are often overshadowed by larger furniture pieces. However, at Ward & Co, we view these as pivotal elements that can dramatically enhance the ambiance of a room. Our collection of unusual side tables is a testament to this belief, offering a range of designs that are as functional as they are artistic.

From the organic and nature-inspired to the boldly modern, each unusual side table in our selection tells its own story. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and using only the finest materials, these tables are not just accessories but focal points in any interior design scheme. Whether placed beside a plush sofa or acting as a standalone piece, our unusual side tables are sure to captivate and inspire.

Here is a selection of our unusual side tables, each one showcasing unique materials, finishes, and designs that exemplify our commitment to creativity and excellence:

Altai Unusual Side Table: A Sculptural Statement

  • Materials: Bronze and Marble
  • Finishes: Brown Gold Bronze top with black marble base
  • Dimensions & Prices:
    • Tall: W35 x D35 x H64.5 cm (£1,641.67 excl. VAT)
    • Low: W30 x D30 x H44.5 cm (£1,454.17 excl. VAT)

Elevate any corner of your room with the Altai Unusual Side Table, a true testament to modern sculpture. Perfect for those seeking a blend of contemporary design and classic materials.

Dali Unusual Side Table: Timeless Elegance

  • Materials & Finishes: Bronze in Dark Verdigris
  • Dimensions: W38 x D40 x H49 cm
  • Price: £1,550.00 excl. VAT

The Dali Unusual Side Table is where simplicity meets luxury. Its verdigris bronze finish and sleek design make it an ideal choice for sophisticated interiors.

Earth Unusual Side Table: Nature's Touch

  • Materials: Bronze and Petrified Wood
  • Finishes: Antique gold leg with petrified wood top
  • Dimensions: W37 x D37 x H46 cm
  • Price: £1,275.00 excl. VAT

Capturing the essence of nature, the Earth Unusual Side Table brings an organic and unique feel to your home, perfect for adding a touch of the outdoors.

Pansy Unusual Side Table: Delicate and Durable

  • Materials & Finishes: Bronze in Antique Bronze
  • Dimensions: D38 x H43 cm
  • Price: £712.50 excl. VAT

The Pansy Unusual Side Table is a fusion of delicacy and strength, offering a charming addition to any space.

Hugo Unusual Side Table: Sophisticated Texture

  • Materials: Shagreen and Bronze
  • Finishes: Verdigris shagreen top with antique bronze base
  • Dimensions: W45 x D33 x H45 cm
  • Price: £2,433.33 excl. VAT

With its unique texture and refined appearance, the Hugo Unusual Side Table is a standout piece, perfect for luxurious interiors.

Explore our full range of unusual side tables here.

Luxury Console Tables: The Epitome of Sophistication

The console table, often found in entryways or lining the back of sofas, is a versatile piece that combines practicality with aesthetic appeal. Our luxury console table collection at Ward & Co takes this concept to new heights. These tables are more than mere surfaces; they are expressions of style, grandeur, and timeless elegance.

Crafted from premium materials and boasting exceptional finishes, each console table in our selection exudes a sense of luxury that can elevate any space. From sleek minimalist designs to ornate, sculptural pieces, our luxury console tables cater to a variety of tastes and interior styles. Whether you're looking to make a bold statement or add a touch of understated elegance, our luxury console tables are designed to leave a lasting impression.

Here is a curated showcase of our luxury console tables, each piece embodying a fusion of exceptional materials, exquisite finishes, and sophisticated design:

Khetan Luxury Console Table: Regal and Radiant

  • Materials & Finishes: Bronze in Antique Bronze with Gold Interior
  • Dimensions: W130 x D33.5 x H81 cm
  • Price: £5,495.83 excl. VAT

The Khetan Luxury Console Table, with its grandeur and opulence, is an ideal centrepiece for any elegant setting.

Niagara Luxury Console Table: Fluid Beauty

  • Materials: Glass and Bronze
  • Finishes: Grey glass top with polished gold bronze base
  • Dimensions & Prices:
    • Small: W24 x L107 x H67 cm (£3,950.00 excl. VAT)
    • Large: W29 x L126.5 x H78 cm (£4,604.17 excl. VAT)

Inspired by the majestic waterfalls, the Niagara Luxury Console Table is a blend of fluidity and strength, perfect for modern homes.

Chime Luxury Console Table: East Meets West

  • Materials: Lacquer and Bronze
  • Finishes: Natural red lacquer top with dark bronze legs
  • Dimensions: W130 x D32.8 x H81 cm
  • Price: £3,229.17 excl. VAT

The Chime Luxury Console Table is a harmony of Eastern aesthetics and Western design principles, ideal for those who appreciate cultural fusion.

Katana Luxury Console Table: Sleek and Striking

  • Materials: Parchment and Bronze
  • Finishes: Ivory parchment top with antique gold bronze
  • Dimensions: W150 x D37 x H81 cm
  • Price: £3,158.33 excl. VAT

Drawing inspiration from the elegance of the katana sword, this luxury console table is a perfect addition for minimalist yet luxurious spaces.

Ivory Luxury Console Table: Understated Elegance

  • Materials: Gesso and Bronze
  • Finishes: Ivory gesso top with antique bronze base
  • Dimensions & Prices:
    • Medium: W90 x D22 x H81 cm (£2,125.00 excl. VAT)
    • Large: W130 x D30 x H81 cm (£2,883.33 excl. VAT)

The Ivory Luxury Console Table, in its simplicity and grace, adds a serene and classy touch to any room.

Discover our luxury console table collection here.


Ward & Co's unusual side tables and luxury console tables are more than mere furniture; they are a celebration of artistic craftsmanship and elegant design. Each piece in our collection is meticulously crafted to not only enhance the beauty of your space but also to reflect your unique taste and style. We invite you to explore our full range and find the perfect table that resonates with your personal aesthetic and complements your home's decor.

Transform your space into an abode of sophistication and style with Ward & Co Interiors.

In the bustling landscape of London and its surrounding regions, the hospitality sector exists in a perpetual state of transformation. With fierce competition around every corner, each establishment aims to stand out in its own unique way. This is where the role of hospitality interior designers becomes not just important, but essential. As a prominent name in the field, Ward & Co Interiors have differentiated ourselves by delivering spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional and engaging, offering an unparalleled customer experience. This article will explore the multi-faceted world of hospitality interior design, with a particular focus on the exemplary work done by Ward & Co Interiors.

What is Hospitality Interior Design?

Hospitality interior design encompasses the planning, architectural detailing, and decorating of spaces within the hospitality industry. This can range from hotels and restaurants to bars, clubs, and other public venues that entertain guests. Unlike residential interior design, the focus here is on catering to the needs of a business and its clientele, making it both a science and an art.

Why is Interior Design Crucial in the Hospitality Sector?

The success of any hospitality venture hinges upon the experiences it can offer to its guests. This experience starts the moment a customer steps inside an establishment, where the ambience sets the tone for what is to come.

  1. First Impressions Are Lasting: One cannot underestimate the impact of first impressions, and here, the interior design plays a pivotal role.
  2. Enhancing Customer Retention: A well-designed space encourages repeat visits, thereby enhancing customer loyalty.
  3. Branding: The décor serves as a three-dimensional representation of a brand's ethos and narrative.
  4. Operational Efficiency: Good design is not just beautiful but also functional, leading to better operational efficiency.
  5. Creating a Competitive Edge: With everyone vying for consumer attention, a well-thought-out design can give an establishment the edge it needs to succeed.

Hospitality Interior Designers: The Maestros Behind the Magic

The expertise of hospitality interior designers lies in their ability to combine various elements, whether that’s furniture, lighting, textures or colours, to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. The designers take into account not just the aesthetic aspects but also the practical needs of a space. They are the architects of experience, the custodians of comfort, and the crafters of the spaces in which memories are made.

Services Offered by Ward & Co Interiors

  1. Consultation and Concept Development: Our team works closely with clients to translate vision into reality.
  2. Space Planning: Using advanced software, we provide highly optimised and functional space planning solutions.
  3. Material and Finish Selection: Whether it's choosing the right type of wood for the furniture or the perfect hue for the walls, Ward & Co leaves no stone unturned.
  4. Project Management: From concept to completion, we provide end-to-end project management services.
  5. Sustainable Design Solutions: As leaders in the field, we also focus on sustainable designs that are environmentally friendly yet luxurious.

Ward & Co Interiors: A Case Study in Excellence

We have a diverse portfolio that is a testament to our versatility and expertise.

Luxury Hotels: We have worked on some of London’s most iconic hotels, infusing them with a sense of luxury that is both opulent and tasteful.

Bars: Our designs for bars illustrate our capability to capture the essence of nightlife, pairing style with functionality to create memorable social spaces.

Fine Dining Establishments: Our expertise extends to high-end restaurants where every design element contributes to an atmosphere of exclusivity and luxury.

The Unique Selling Points of Ward & Co Interiors

Client-Centric Philosophy

The foundation of our design approach is a client-centric philosophy. Every design element is meticulously chosen to resonate with the client’s brand ethos.

Team of Experts

Our team is a conglomerate of skilled professionals ranging from designers and architects to engineers and project managers, ensuring that every facet of a project receives expert attention.

Cutting-Edge Innovation

Ward & Co Interiors is at the forefront of design innovation. We invest in cutting-edge design tools and keep ourselves updated with global design trends.


The role of hospitality interior designers in defining and elevating experiences cannot be understated. In a competitive market like London and its wider area, establishments need to offer something extraordinary to stand out. Ward & Co Interiors has not only understood this need but has perfected the art of creating mesmerising spaces that resonate with the clients' needs and expectations. Our multifaceted expertise makes us one of the leading names in the field, setting a benchmark for quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

In the modern era of hyper-connectivity and mass globalisation, finding sanctuaries that blend local charm with global standards of luxury can be a formidable quest. However, at Ward & Co Interiors, we are a long established Caribbean interior designer with a wealth of experience in creating luxury living spaces with the beautiful backdrop of the Caribbean Islands. Operating across the picturesque landscapes of Antigua and Nevis & St Kitts, our team has redefined luxury across numerous high-profile projects. This comprehensive article delves into the various facets that make Ward & Co Interiors a paragon in the field of Caribbean interior design.

The Ethos of Ward & Co Interiors

The ethos of Ward & Co Interiors is one of harmonious sophistication, where bespoke luxury meets a sensitive understanding of local culture and natural beauty. Whether it is a resort residence or a private beachfront home, the design DNA weaves the surrounding environment into the heart of each project. This unparalleled fusion creates spaces that are not only aesthetically alluring but also functional, sustainable, and in tune with the Caribbean ethos.

Captivating Interior Design Projects in Antigua

Antigua, renowned for its coral reefs, beaches, and rich maritime history, offers the perfect backdrop for some of Ward & Co Interiors' most stunning Caribbean interior designs. Key development areas here include Jumby Island, Pearns Point and Reeds point with unparalleled views of the Caribbean sea.

Villa Papillon

Located at the tip of Reed’s Point on Antigua's south-west coast, Villa Papillon offers sensational views overlooking Redonda Island, St. Kitts and Nevis, Pearns Bay, and the entrance to Jolly Harbour. The villa is seamlessly set into the rocky promontory, blending natural textures with luxe interiors. This synthesis amplifies the breathtaking natural surroundings with a view of Montserrat, presenting an elegant and tranquil retreat for residents and guests alike.

Villa Papillon Caribbean interior design project, interior bedroom view

The layout of the house was ingeniously planned, taking into account the steep contour of the land. However, the architects and designers, with their meticulous planning, ensured that every vantage point within the house offers varied and breathtaking views. Spread across five levels, this stunning property comprises six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The spacious open-plan living area forms the heart of the home, leading to an outside bar and two dining areas.

Jumby Island

Elegant Spanish-Origin House

Jumby Island, a private enclave featuring 58 homes and a luxury hotel, showcases an elegantly restored house with Spanish origins. The project saw a sensitive enlargement and modernization that translated into a stylish contemporary dwelling. In addition to aesthetic enhancement, the home also comes with a slew of luxury amenities such as tennis courts, yoga spaces, a gym, a beach bar, and a water feature leading to the front door. Adding to the European flair is a meticulously designed boules game area.

Center of the Island

At the heart of Jumby Island is a residence featuring an upcoming 11,000-foot refurbishment. The interior design project involved complete redesigns of bathrooms and kitchens, coupled with redecoration to suit a young, energetic family. A joyful colour scheme, in line with the Caribbean ethos, was incorporated. Moreover, the project featured handcrafted pieces from ethnic artisans across the globe, bringing in a vibrant mix of culture and fun.

Jolly Harbour Design Project

This Caribbean design project is a modern marvel with a 3,000-foot beach front facing west, ideal for capturing the sublime Caribbean sunset. This 20,000-foot property comes with 14 bedrooms and bathrooms, a state-of-the-art cinema, and a pool that blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Fully automated systems provide a futuristic edge to this serene paradise, completed by calm, contemporary neutral tones, accessorised with art that honours the design brief.

Jolly Harbour Caribbean interior design project, exterior view

The Bahamas - Albany Development

The Bahamas is synonymous with paradise, and the Albany development takes this a step further. Covering 600 acres on the beautiful island of New Providence, Albany provides an exceptional range of amenities for residents and visitors, from sporting activities to tranquil island getaways. As part of this luxurious development, Ward & Co Interiors has masterfully contributed to shaping interior spaces that not only exude elegance but also serve as genuine communities for families, businesspeople, and couples alike.

Upcoming Caribbean Interior Design Projects

Pearns Point, Antigua

Slated for development is an 8,000-foot ECO beachfront house, nestled in a forested area meandering down to the ocean. This project aims to be a quintessential example of modern, eco-friendly luxury.

Another ambitious project in the pipeline is a 20,000-foot residence in Jolly Harbour. This new build is set to be an architectural phenomenon, integrating state-of-the-art exterior and interior designs with sustainable practices.

Branded Luxury Residences - Nevis and Kitts

Ward & Co Interiors is thrilled to announce their involvement in the design of a branded villa development in Nevis and Kitts, comprising seven private residences. These residences are set to embody the brand's iconic luxury while maintaining a distinct Caribbean charm.

Look no further than Ward & Co: Your Caribbean Interior Designer

The Caribbean lifestyle deserves an interior design vision that matches its extraordinary natural beauty. With our expansive portfolio and unparalleled expertise, the team at Ward & Co Interiors stands as the premier Caribbean interior designer to fulfil this vision. Whether it is the delicate restorations of heritage buildings, the innovative refurbishments of contemporary homes, or the ground-up construction of new, sustainable architectural marvels, we bring a bespoke touch to every project. Each endeavour captures the essence of the Caribbean—its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and tranquil lifestyle—while elevating it with global standards of luxury and technological innovations.

The diverse array of projects highlighted, from the opulent Villa Papillon in Antigua to the idyllic Albany development in the Bahamas, serves as a testament to Ward & Co Interiors' versatility and skill. 

In a region as exquisite as the Caribbean, where each island offers its own unique flair and natural beauty, our Caribbean interior designers consistently deliver design solutions that not only fit the local context but also surpass international standards. This rare ability to blend local charm with global luxury makes our team at Ward & Co not just a service provider, but a visionary in Caribbean interior design.

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