10 ways to make your bedroom look more stylish-and sophisticated

10 ways to make your bedroom look more stylish-and sophisticated

May 24, 2017
By Riyad
10 ways to make your bedroom look more stylish-and sophisticated

Given that you’re supposed to spend around a third of your life in bed (according to statistics) then you really should make sure that your bedroom is a restful haven.

If you think that yours is in need of a bit of a rethink – but you haven’t got the time or budget for a major interior design overhaul, then here are a few ways to change a bedroom quickly and inexpensively.

1. Take a long hard look at the colour scheme in your bedroom. Is it a bit out of date? A bit tired? Do you actually have a colour scheme or is everything a mish mash? I’m a great fan of neutrals, because they give you a base palette on which to build (you can read more about ideas with neutrals here).

2. Do you need to update the bedlinen, curtains, bedside lights? Paint the walls? Sometimes when we’re surrounded by something everyday we stop noticing it. So walk into your room and try and see it with fresh eyes. What do you want to keep and what is it time to ditch?

3. Fit dimmer switches. More than anything else, lighting can change the mood of a room. So fit a dimmer switch (takes about half an hour max) and ditch the harsh, overhead lighting. In fact, while you’re at it, why don’t you replace that pendant light in your bedroom with a decadent chandelier?

4. What are your bedside lights like? Good enough for reading with? Remember that research shows that looking at a screen before bedtime disrupts sleep, so it’s not a good time to be scrolling through the iPad. Instead, settle down the old-fashioned way with an actual book. Changing your bedside lamps is an easy way to change the look of your room – or you could just swap the lampshades.

5. Study your bed linen. Slipping into sheets with a high thread count is one of life’s luxuries. I’d always go for bed linen in neutral shades – white is a classic for good reason - but you could also investigate charcoal, ivory, greys and taupe. Oversize, square pillows layered in front will give a room that luxe feel. I love bedlinen by Josephine Home, which has an amazing quality.

6. What about a headboard? If your current bed is a divan, then consider creating a headboard behind it. I’d recommend tall, padded headboards which can really give a room the wow factor.
7. How are the walls looking? Maybe it’s time to change the colour scheme? I think bedrooms should always be painted in restful neutrals – they’re not the place for vibrant reds, yellows and turquoises (although these colours are fine for colour accents).

8. Check your window treatments. Curtains and blinds get faded by the sun and the fabric perishes. If yours have seen better days, then look into replacing them.

9. Rugs. Having a soft rug by the side of your bed, ready to welcome bare feet, makes an early morning start less of an ordeal. I’d always look for warm, soft fabrics with a good pile (particularly if your bedroom has hardwood floors).

10. Mirrors give bedrooms that luxe look and I think a full-length mirror for judging the day’s outfit is crucial. Mirrored furniture also looks supremely elegant in a bedroom.

(All images used from properties designed by Interiors by Sarah Ward)

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